Just the Essentials

Just the Essentials 532 1/2 Concession Street, Hamilton Ontario

Just the Essentials 532 1/2 Concession Street, Hamilton Ontario

When I wandered into this adorable shop, about five years ago,  I was just running in to grab some candles.  I never imagined discovering what I actually found…

An inspired and spiritual outlook on life.

And of course- beautiful candles.

Since walking into Janice Milligan’s shop, Just the Essentials, I have learned how to live a more spiritual life, found inner peace (well some of the time!), developed an attitude of gratitude and added meditation into my life. Not to mention meeting like minded people and feeling a part of something I am passionate about.

faithThe Shop

Don’t let the size of the shop fool you. It’s tiny but mighty! Janice carries a great variety of natural bath and body products, pure essential oils, candles, jewellery, artwork, angels (in all different shapes and sizes) books and so many other things I have yet to discover. She also carries metaphysical products such as crystals, angel and tarot cards, meditation CD’s and much more.

Crystal pendulum

The Shop carries a  beautiful selection of  crystal pendulums

The shop is full of wonderful scents and sounds that relax and soothe your senses. I love wandering through the Shop, just taking everything in. I always seem to find something that I hadn’t seen before, but it’s really the overall essence of the store that I find so alluring. It is full of uplifting positive energy that is somewhat intoxicating.


Sage and Black Pepper is one of my favourite soaps. It has a surprisingly warm scent that is sweet, spicy and uplifting.                  

More soaps!

More soaps! The Shop has a wide variety of  handmade soaps. Once you try one- you won’t want to  use any other!


Of course I think the best part of the Shop is Janice herself. She is a Wellness Practitioner, Reiki Master and Teacher. She is a helper, supporter and guide to so many people who are searching for a spiritual and inspired life. She seems to have an endless supply of knowledge which she generously shares with all. Her caring and positive nature welcomes everyone who walks through the door.


statueJanice leads a guided meditation class, that is held on the first Saturday of every month. Soothing sounds play in the background while Janice’s gentle voice guides you to use your imagination on a particular journey, helping you draw attention to your breath and internal gaze, instead of all the noise in your head.

Before the meditation  begins, we do a very informal introduction with each other. What I find fascinating is how most people have serendipitously found their way there. It seems they have been brought there at a pinnacle point in their lives. For me, meditation helps bring me closer to living a spiritual and purposeful life.  After the meditation is done, we celebrate with delicious homemade tea, some snacks and meaningful conversations.

The Burning Bowl

The Shop carries a variety of salt candle holders.

The Shop carries a variety of salt candle holders. Their glow creates a warm  and cozy atmosphere.

Janice opens up her home twice a year, to celebrate the winter and summer solstices with a Burning Bowl Ceremony. This ceremony is a sacred way to release old, unwanted conditions or events in our lives and it clears the way for new beginnings.

This is a great night, both summer and winter (we bundle up in our warm woolies) as we sit around a huge bonfire.  This ceremony,  although it is a very relaxed and social evening, is very powerful. We bring our collective intent to support and strengthen each other and by doing so we strengthen and solidify our own beliefs and emotions for our own transformation.

Holistic Services – Classes – Workshops

Janice offer a full range of holistic services that garner rave reviews. I have not had the opportunity to try any, but am going to in the near future. I am interested in trying the Reiki treatment.  There is an interesting and helpful assortment of classes and workshops that are offered throughout the year. I have attended the Energy Clearing and Grounding class, which teaches you  how to cleanse and release negative energy and invite more positive energy into your life and home. I highly recommend this class to anyone.

Drop by

532 1/2 Concession Street, Hamilton Ontario

532 1/2 Concession Street, Hamilton Ontario

Maybe the spirit will move you to visit the Shop?  You’ll be surprised what you might find!

Kathy D


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